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New Braunfels Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Clients in Comal County, Guadalupe County, Hays County and Bexar County

At New Braunfels Personal Injury Attorney, Inc., we have been serving car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims and their families for more than 20 years. We focus on local clients throughout Comal, Hays, and Guadalupe County, and we strive to treat each case with the personal attention and care that our clients deserve. We have successfully negotiated multiple personal injury settlements in the million-dollar range, and we always fight for fair compensation through either a settlement or a trial.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by another driver's negligence and you are seeking compensation to cover medical, property, living, pain and suffering, and other resulting expenses, contact us 24/7 at 830-201-3515 to request a free consultation with Attorney James Bettersworth so he can start helping you obtain financial relief.

Truck Wrecks

With their large size and heavy weight, 18-wheelers can cause some of the most severe and fatal accidents when they are not operated safely. Truck drivers who engage in speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, and drunk driving pose a serious danger to other motorists and need to be held accountable for the injuries they cause. Personal injury and wrongful death cases involving truck accidents can be challenging not only because of the often more serious injuries, but also because of the potential for negligence from multiple parties including the driver, trucking company, manufacturer, and cargo loaders. You need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal process and give you a better chance at compensation.

Driver Fatigue

Driving long hours each day can result in truck driver fatigue that dulls reflexes, increases reaction time, and even causes the driver to fall asleep at the wheel, all of which can lead to accident and injury.

Dropped Cargo in the Road

Improperly secured cargo can shift and cause a truck to lose control or flip, or it can fall off onto the roadway and impede other drivers, both of which can cause severe, multi-vehicle accidents.

Dangerous Texas Highways

Comal, Guadalupe, and Hays County lie along the dangerous stretch of Interstate 35 between San Antonio and Austin, and Seguin sits on a congested section of Interstate 10 just east of San Antonio. Heavy 18-wheeler traffic in these areas means a greater risk of accidents and injuries for local residents who share the highways.

In this part of Texas in particular, a personal injury attorney plays an important role in standing up for accident victims and helping them get the compensation they need. We strive to do our part to deter negligent driving and keep the highways safe for all drivers.

Dangerous Texas Highways Dangerous Texas Highways

Over 20 Years of Experience

You need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to stand up to insurance companies and fight for your interests. We have successfully represented accident victims for over 20 years and want to do the same for you.

Car Accidents

In a car accident where another driver was at-fault due to negligent behavior like speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, or otherwise breaking traffic laws, you have the right to seek compensation for any economic and non-economic damages resulting from your injuries. We can help you identify all liable parties and gather evidence of their negligence, as well as represent you in a settlement negotiation or trial with the goal of achieving a fair resolution for you.

Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle wrecks often result in severe injuries and fatalities due to the lack of physical protection for the motorcyclist and the size disparity with other vehicles involved. This can mean long and difficult physical, emotional, and financial recovery periods for those affected. Our personal injury attorney can help you document all of the damages you have incurred from the accident and seek full compensation that reflects the degree of financial relief you need to return to a better quality of life.

Motorcycle Accidents
James S. Bettersworth

James S. Bettersworth

James S. Bettersworth


Raised in Texas and with a law degree from St. Mary's School of Law in San Antonio, James Bettersworth has been serving local victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents and their families for more than 20 years. As a member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, James Bettersworth has a track record of achieving results for his clients while offering them the personal attention they deserve.

quote "Your case matters to us, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve."
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