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Collecting Compensation for Injuries Caused By Defective Vehicles

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Not all car accidents are the result of driver-related errors, negligence, or intentionally wrongful conduct. Sometimes, the fault lies with the vehicle itself—whether in its design, manufacture, or maintenance. Importantly, for victims in accidents caused by vehicle defects, recourse exists just the same as it does for “regular” accidents. Products liability law (rather than negligence or battery) governs this area of auto accidents in Texas and allows victims to rightfully seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income due to missed work, the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, and when warranted, punitive damages. With the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney, the existence of a defect can be proven and compensation sought for its adverse consequences.

Manufacturing Defects May Have Dire Consequences

Cars are complex machines, and with highway speed limits in Texas that are 85 miles per hour in some areas, injuries and property damage stemming from a vehicle defect-related accident can be severe. One common type of defect is “unintended acceleration,” which affected Toyota vehicles made in or around 2009 and Audi vehicles in the 1980s. There is also the problem of tire separation, which, due to poor quality adhesives, caused tire treads to separate while the vehicle was being operated. When tire separation occurred on Ford’s Explorer model vehicle, the result was improper maneuvering and accidents in which serious injuries resulted. 

Other manufacturing-related defects include ignition fires and inadequate engine mounts. In each of the above scenarios, all parties in the chain of retail may be held liable for the accidents and resulting injuries caused by defects. The theory of this type of chain liability is that at each stage—design, manufacture, and distribution—the parties seeking to profit from vehicle and component part sales had both the opportunity and duty to diligently and accurately inspect the vehicle for dangerous defects. When this duty to safeguard consumers is breached, liability may be imposed.

A New Braunfels Injury Attorney Can Help You Prove the Existence of a Defect

The process of establishing both defect and causation in an accident due to a design or manufacturing defect requires the gathering and presentation of evidence. In presenting and arguing this evidence to establish a defect, impose liability, and obtain compensation for injuries and other harms and losses suffered, the knowledge of an experienced Comal County defective vehicle attorney can be an invaluable resource. Contact a New Braunfels Personal Injury Attorney at 830-201-3515 to schedule a free consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day for your convenience.



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