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Due to their size and weight, large commercial trucks have a higher degree of difficulty when it comes to maneuvering, stopping, turning, and other common driving actions, and therefore require skilled drivers to operate them safely. When truck drivers are inattentive, inexperienced, or underqualified, there is a greater chance for costly driver error that can cause accidents, severe injuries, and fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident caused by driver error, you are likely entitled to compensation for medical, property, and living expenses resulting from the injury, as well as non-economic damages for mental anguish and pain and suffering. At New Braunfels Personal Injury Attorney, Inc., we have been representing car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases for more than 20 years, and we want to help you obtain the compensation you need to start getting your life back on track.

Examples of Driver Error in Truck Wrecks

Driver error refers broadly to any human error on the part of the truck operator that can cause an accident. It can occur under any circumstances, but the risk increases when the driver is engaging in other negligent behavior including drunk driving, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and speeding; when road conditions are dangerous due to weather or terrain; or when the truck has been improperly maintained.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has classified truck driver error into four categories:

  • Non-performance errors, which include falling asleep at the wheel, driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, or experiencing an incapacitating medical event like a heart attack or seizure while driving.
  • Decision errors, which include driving at unsafe speeds, following too closely behind another car, committing an illegal maneuver, or incorrectly judging other drivers' actions.
  • Recognition errors, which include failure to adequately check mirrors and blind spots, or to otherwise adequately detect vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects in the surrounding area, often because of a distraction.
  • Inadequate performance errors, which include failing to properly control the truck when turning, changing lanes, etc.

Any of these errors can constitute negligence on the part of the driver, which means you are entitled to seek compensation if you were injured as a result. If the trucking company that employs the driver encourages or knowingly allows behavior that leads to these errors, that company may also be found at-fault, meaning that they could owe you compensation in addition to what you receive from the driver.

Our New Braunfels Truck Wreck Lawyer Can Help You File a Claim

We offer free consultations for anyone who has been injured or has lost a family member in a truck accident. Our Attorney James Bettersworth will give you the full attention you deserve and help you identify all damages for which you can seek compensation, which may include everything from medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, rental car expenses, living expenses, loss of wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of consortium/companionship, and sometimes punitive damages to deter future dangerous behavior from the at-fault parties.

We will also help you gather evidence about the accident that points to negligence in order to bolster your claim and negotiate with the insurance companies of the driver, trucking company, and any other liable parties in order to reach a fair settlement for you. In cases where a pre-trial settlement is not possible, we are well-equipped to take your case to court and fight for an appropriate resolution.

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